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3-Session Series Class Outline

Class 1:

* Discussion: Class objectives and structure
* Discussion: Pregnancy experience thus far – discomforts, joys

Anatomy and Labor
* Home Stretch: A guide to the last month of pregnancy
* Warning signs in late pregnancy
* How to know if it’s labor
* Stages of labor
* Optimal fetal positioning
* Variations in labor
* What to know when you get checked
* Natural Alignment Plateau

Your Birth
* Choice of where to birth
* Talking to you care provider
* Packing list
* Natural methods for starting labor
* Medical labor induction, interventions, and augmentation
* Minimizing interventions
* Pros and cons of an epidural

Class 2

Getting relaxed
* Theories about pain and the purpose of coping techniques
* Tracking fear and fear release
* Triggers for anxiety in labor
* Brainstorm relaxation
* Ecstatic birth
* Breathing exercises
* The 3 R’s in childbirth preparation: relaxation, rhythm and ritual
* Relaxation techniques - body awareness, vocalization, affirmations, mindfulness, tension release, hypnosis and guided meditation

Staying comfortable
* Using tools such as hot/cold packs, baths/showers, massage balls, birth balls, rebozos, aromatherapy, etc.
* Using position and body manipulation, such as movement and dance, massage, and acupressure
* Healthy birth practices
* Avoiding tearing
* How to labor well while stuck in bed
* Coping strategies for support people

Class 3 (Private session)

* Questionnaire for mom and her partner
* Discussion of birth expectations and hopes
* Help creating a birth preferences list (birth plan)
* Personalized guided meditation



A 3-session series of classes is included for all MDG birth doula clients. A class outline can be found here.

Our 3-session series is also available to non-MDG birth doula clients. Non-clients can choose:

* Group class - $200
* Private class - $300

Group classes are held on the second Saturday of each month.

Bradley Birth Classes

For those wanting a more in-depth childbirth education, our team member, Susan Jessee, offers instruction in The Bradley Method®. This 10-week course offers lots of time for learning, processing, and practicing.

This class is available to clients and non-clients. MDG clients receive a $100 discount on the class fee.

For more information, go here.